The history of the casino and the games that are practiced there go back in time a couple of centuries ago. From a practice allowed exclusively for royalty to the big clubs and taverns that adopted the deck – especially poker -, craps and bets as a form of entertainment up to the modern societies that created an authentic emporium with games of chance.

All this process, of course, has triggered changes in the rules and methodologies of the game, but always maintaining a characteristic essence. It is true, however, that with the technological and electronic advance there are no other game alternatives -such as slots or online gambling sites-, the traditional ones of the casino will always be linked to the game of cards, dice, and roulettes, in any of your presentations.

Now, with so many possibilities, it becomes a difficult decision to consider whether one game is better or worse than another. In practical aspects, is an entirely subjective choice, but by applying logic, certain games are better than others, either because of the experience, the gain or the knowledge they leave in each one.

What he could never and could refuse, is that the fun provided by the casinos (like Ruby Fortune) is still his most evident quality and, therefore, any table game practice decided by the players will cause a state of pleasure and comfort in each one of them.

In this sense, and to finally address the table games that are best suited to play, the procedure of each will be explained, together with the reasons why or why not give it a chance.

Three card poker

The legendary and favorite game par excellence in all the casinos scattered around the world. Poker has maintained its boom and popularity because of the entertainment it offers and the economic gains it leaves. So much so, that thanks to its popularity, has managed to make World Tournaments on purpose, bringing together the most skilled and audacious players in each region.

In the practice of three-card poker, entering into the matter, each player receives three cards, once he has made his bet. With his hand, he will have the opportunity to influence his triumph or defeat.

It is characteristic of this type of poker, unlike Texas Hold’em, that the player retires if he does not see opportunities to win. Thus, once the hands are revealed, the winnings are shared between the dealer and the player.

This game is characteristic of casinos and preferred by most. However, some people prefer to ignore it, especially when they are looking for something more chance than logic, which is represented by the following option.


With very little logic and quite random, this is another very popular option in casinos. Like poker, it has several models. However, the eternal European model will always be preferred by the majority. In the United States, as in the rest of the world, the rookies of chance are always decided by roulette as their first choice.

Regarding its methodology, this is not complicated at all. The player rotates the roulette by betting if it will fall in white or red, or if an odd or even number will be achieved. In the same way, you can decide to turn the spinner until the ball lands in the selected area.

As mentioned before, in this game chance is everything, and you can only get a bit of an advantage based on the odds. However, it is the ideal option for those who want to have a good time without having to apply much to logic and strategy.


Returning to the cards, this is another not insignificant option of the casinos and, in fact, it is the one that receives the juiciest bets. In general, scare the rookies of gambling, however, this practice is very simple for those who have no experience.

In baccarat, he wins the hand that comes closest to nine by adding his cards, a trio being the one that is dealt. Once the cards are shown, the one that shows a move of nine or less will add five points, while those that exceed the number will subtract ten.

In this table game there are very few obstacles, in fact, its popularity is such that in the casinos are allocated rooms entirely for this practice, which speaks very well of this. However, its simplicity is a source of boredom for some card players who definitely prefer poker.


Another option of chance that is played at the table and that is extremely popular, are undoubtedly dice. The six-sided cube that provides so much entertainment is perhaps the most autochthonous cube that has been maintained over time. It is one of the oldest and, as in roulette, luck determines the triumph in this practice.

The logistics of the dice is not as simple as it seems, but at practical levels, it is the one that leaves a good amount of money. In that sense, one of the players throws the dice and if it falls in seven or eleven, it wins. If, on the other hand, he throws two, three or twelve, the whole round loses.

Despite its apparent ease, there are more complicated bets on the dice. However, for novices, the simplest will always be the most recommended.


Have you ever sat at a green felt table, cards shuffling, chips clinking, and felt that electric atmosphere? That’s blackjack for you. A game as old as the hills, but still beating many others in popularity. Some call it 21. A game of wits, skill, gut instinct, and of course, a smidgeon of luck.

Casinos from Vegas to Macau, from Monaco to Singapore, they all know blackjack. They’ve seen countless players trying their hand at beating the dealer, not going over that magic number – 21. Players get two cards, right? Then comes the quandary. To “hit” or “stand”? Maybe “double down”? And, oh, if you’re dealt two similar cards, “split” could be your ticket. Choices, choices!

Here’s the thing with blackjack: It’s not just about the cards. No sir. It’s about the strategy, the read, the play. It’s like a dance. One wrong move, and you’re out. Mastering it? Phew! A lifetime’s work, if you ask some. But get this, play smart and the house edge dwindles. That’s why pros love it. But hey, rookies? They find joy here too, clashing with the dealer, soaking in every high and low.

Slot Machines

Shifting gears, enter the land of flashing lights and catchy jingles – the world of slot machines. Oh, they’ve been around, from those old-school, lever-yanked, three-reel machines to today’s flashy digital wonders. Want a trip to Egypt? Or a journey through a mythical kingdom? Today’s slots have you covered with those thematic adventures and more.

Slot machines are like candy – bright, colorful, and oh-so-inviting. Drop a coin. Push that button. Maybe you’re one pull away from victory? The modern age? It’s gifted these machines with videos, touch functionality, and those alluring progressive jackpots. Ever dreamt of winning big? Slots might just be your answer.

To wrap up, the casino world? It’s vast, it’s dynamic. You could be a strategic blackjack enthusiast or a hopeful slot lover. Maybe even a roulette fanatic. Dive in, but remember, it’s all fun and games. It’s about the ride, not just the destination. Play smart, play responsibly, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Venturing into the vibrant world of casinos, we find ourselves amidst a whirlwind of sights and sounds, each element contributing to the tapestry of excitement that defines this realm. Imagine, if you will, the strategic depths of blackjack and poker, games steeped in a rich history of skill and cunning. Here, players delve into the nuances of probability and psychology, their minds racing to outwit opponents in a thrilling dance of chance and strategy.

Craps, a perennial favorite yet often underappreciated, stands as a testament to the quintessential casino spirit. Gathered around the craps table, a diverse group of individuals shares a unique bond, their collective energy rising and falling with the tumble of dice. This game, while initially appearing labyrinthine in its complexity, unfolds to reveal a world where chance and skill intertwine, creating a fast-paced, communal experience that is both exhilarating and unifying.

In stark contrast, there’s Keno, the casino’s answer to a tranquil afternoon of lottery-style relaxation. Here, the strategy takes a back seat, allowing players to bask in the simplicity of number selection, reminiscent of a gentle game of chance played in a serene garden. Keno offers a serene respite from the cerebral intensity of card games, appealing to those seeking a more laid-back, luck-based diversion.

The digital era has seamlessly woven its thread into the fabric of casino gaming, introducing electronic and live dealer games. Video poker and virtual blackjack emerge as solitary pursuits, where one can delve into the strategy and thrill of the game in a more introspective setting. Meanwhile, live dealer games have revolutionized the traditional casino experience, merging the convenience of online play with the human touch of real-time interaction. This fusion of technology and tradition caters to a new generation of players, craving both the accessibility of digital gaming and the authentic atmosphere of a live casino.

However, amidst this kaleidoscope of gaming options, the principle of responsible gaming remains paramount. Casinos, at their core, are realms of entertainment, not avenues for financial gain. The importance of setting limits, both in time and expenditure, cannot be overstated. Understanding the games, recognizing the odds, and knowing when to step away are crucial to maintaining the joy and integrity of the casino experience.

In conclusion, the allure of casinos lies not merely in the prospect of winning but in the rich tapestry of experiences they offer. Whether drawn to the calculated intrigue of blackjack, the vibrant chance of slot machines, or the communal excitement of craps, each game invites players into a unique narrative. The true essence of the casino experience is found in the journey itself – the thrills, the camaraderie, the unfolding stories. As we step into this world of chance and skill, let us do so with mindfulness and joy, embracing the myriad adventures that await, always playing within the bounds of reason and responsibility.