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Books & Bulls Slots

Books & Bulls SlotsBooks & Bulls, a 5-reel video game from software developer Gamomat, is a captivating slot machine. This casino slot combines a fun theme with features like wild symbols and bonus rounds. It also has five fixed pay lines. This game is only for some. Some players will play a title with at least 15 or 25 pay lines. But, if you’re still around, play a few free games.

What’s wrong with it?

Books & Bulls allows you to wager anywhere between 80 credits (for a bet total of 400) to 800 credits (for a total of 4,000). This is a high-roller game. Playing in accessible mode will only cost you your time.


Books & Bulls has a beautiful visual style. The 5×3 grid is superimposed over a scene of a cobbled (presumably Spanish) street with wisteria growing up the old historic buildings and a bright blue sky as a background. The grid is located above the control panel. It has buttons for Auto Bet, Max Bet, and Spin—the dollar sign button links to the pay table below.

That’s it. The tabs at the base of the screen allow gamers to keep track of the ‘total wager’ and the (overall balance) by simply squinting.

What the Symbols Mean

Books & Bulls has ten icons. These include a Spanish senorita wearing a red dress clacking a castanet, a wooden castanet, a cape in red, a sword, and playing card symbols, such as 10, J, Q, and K.

The wild symbol is a male dashingly waving a blade. In a fancy blue jacket worn by a bullfighter, the man appears to be fixated on a snarling but out-of-view bull. The icon can replace all other symbols in the game except the leather-bound books or images of the bulls (the scatters). The wild symbol can form winning combinations by replacing all other characters. The wild will pay 8,000 per line for two, 80,000 per line for three, 600,000.000 for four, and 2,000,000 for five.

A symbol is also present that holds the key for free games. The leather-bound, golden-tasseled book is what you’re looking at. This icon has a solid payout and ten free games. Payouts include 8,000 per three, 80,000 per four, and 800,000.

The bull is another special symbol that appears at the shield’s center. The leather-bound book pays the same amount as the bull and gives you ten free games. The bullfighter wild turns sticky during the free game triggered by it. This helps to generate more wins.

This is one of only a few icons that pays for two matching symbols. This symbol pays out 4,000 for 2, 32,000 for 3, 320,000 for 4, and 800,000.

The red cape and wooden castanets are the best-paying symbols: 4,000 each for two, 24 000 for three, 80 000 for four, and 600,000 if you get all five. The ace and the king are following, both paying 4,000 for three. 32,000 for four. 120,000 for five. The jack and the queen are next, with 4,000 each for three and 20,000 for four.

Are you being bullied?

Books & Bulls offers an extensive betting range. However, you will need a bunch of money to play. You can make a fortune with luck, especially if you hit five symbols of a particular type. Thanks to the solid graphics, good animations, and two scatter symbols, there’s a lot to love in terms of gameplay.

The music is generic, and the five pay lines are few. You may contain to wait a long time for a winning combination.

What is our suggestion? Try it out in the accessible mode to see what you think. You have nothing to lose. You might be compelled by that feeling of luck to play for real money. Here’s hoping that you’ve hit a big jackpot.