To have quality cards

This game conformed by cards, arose in ancient China since it was there where the paper was discovered. But, additionally, to this belief, it is considered that the decks that exist at present and that are used to play on a daily basis were designed by the French.

From there, countless styles and designs of covers have been conceived worldwide. Despite having many different influences, there are some qualities that have made it consolidate and that are valid in all game environments.

The card games that are used today and continue to be the most popular, have a total of 52 decks and are classified into 4 different suit forms, however, the designs of the covers may vary, although the costumes and the number of cards remain the same.

When the decision is made to acquire a game to enter the poker games, it is necessary to check the quality of the cards, since it must be taken into account that they will be used very frequently and have to resist the wear caused by constant manipulation.

For this, a selection of the most relevant details has been made, which a player must have in mind when preparing to acquire the card game. So you must follow certain steps, to get the best game.

The number of cards

If you consider playing at a professional level, it is recommended to acquire the decks of decks that come double, to prevent possible damage to any of the decks and to have how to replace them, without having to stop the game.

Although it is suggested to have three packs of cards available during the game, there will always be a player who wants to change cards, due to their beliefs or for any other reason.

With the reservation of three sets of decks, you can have six combinations, to perform the action safely through all the time that is necessary. This distribution is for each of the tables, being able to make adjustments according to the tables that are playing.

In the case of tournaments, you can have up to three games for each of the tables. Being much less than what is expected for the live game, considering the minimum odds that difficulties arise at the tables.


The categories of cards that are currently offered are mainly two. Some that have a coating made of plastic and are made of paper and others that are manufactured entirely in plastic.

Coated in plastic

Those that come lined with plastic can be purchased in any establishment and are the most traditional. The price is lower than those made of plastic, but it is possible to bend and break them. In addition, they can be marked and are widely used, so they can deteriorate easily with constant use.

Pure plastic

They are the cards most used at a professional level in the different casinos, but they can also be used at home. Their price is much higher, but they have more resistance and, therefore, last longer. Cleaning is easier and it is not possible to mark them. They move easily and are better for mixing manually or on any shuffling machine.

The dimensions

The normal measures of a poker deck are 2 ½ x 3 ½, but there are other sizes. Being able to find a deck that has narrower measures of 2 ¼ x 3 7/16 e, inclusive, the 3 ¼ x 3 ½ game called bridge.

In spite of this great variety of sizes, the normal mallets are the most used in the games and those that are sold with more normality. In general, it could be ensured that these cards are used in all games, except those that employ several forms of poker, since in these cases, more cards are required to keep them hidden and smaller cards would be better.

The most famous

The wide variety of available card brands offer multiple options to choose the best one. The US Playing Card Company has established itself as the number one in the industry.

With its line of cards called Bicycle, which is considered the most popular, it also makes other collections such as the Bee, World Poker Tour, and Hoyle. It is also responsible for developing a large number of innovative cards and with personality in the shops. Prices range from $1.99 to $4.99, being the cheapest in stores.

Quality cards

Other brands made of plastic, are characterized by having a lot of resistance and it is possible to acquire them in packages containing two sets. In addition, they can come with a plastic liner, which gives you more protection.

They are among the most expensive, but the player will have the certainty that he will have a deck that will last many games. Among the cards that are recommended for players who have permanent encounters, we can mention:


These cards have an excellent quality, are made with plastic PVC and can be cheaper than the competition, represented by Kem, since they have an average that is set at $15 in each game. Some players think that the designs that belong to the brand, they look without color, although if they can be recognized.


Another model made of plastic, but with the particularity that they are thinner than the other brands. They have an acceptable quality and come in a practical box made of resistant acrylic. The cost is similar to the Copag cards.


This card made in plastic by US Playing Card Company is the most traditional. Cellulose acetate is used, which has a slightly higher price of $22 in each package. The brand Kem Arrow is used to compare the other cards made of plastic, so they are used in tournaments such as World Poker or World Series of Poker.


The plastic used in the manufacture of these cards gives a feeling very similar to that of paper and have a greater thickness than the others. Having a wide variety of different designs, it offers a price of $18 in each game. The DaVinci brand is very similar to the previous ones, with the peculiarity of being less expensive.

Formation of the card

Over the years, this model of playing cards has undergone very little change. They are still distinguished by containing the normal details, such as the suit and the cards for the cut. Basically, they have modified the dimensions of the drawings and the place where several pips are placed on the cards.

There are companies that have modified the color, with the white color remaining in the background to distinguish them. In addition, the colors in the suits have been changed, but like the traditional red and black, there are now 4 suit options, such as red, green, black and blue.

Other manufacturers have created multiple combinations and are offering varied alternatives so that players can choose between the normal deck, the magnum, the peek / dual index cards or the super/jumbo.

Normal dimensions in the index

They are the most accepted measures by most of those who enjoy the game and are the most popular in the field of poker. In addition, it is one of the sizes that players prefer and are accustomed to.

Jumbo or Super

The design of this print tends to be a bit wider, providing a greater advantage for people who do not distinguish well the smaller or normal drawings.


This card has a fairly large size, which can be easily seen on the surface of the deck. Although it would be an excellent advantage for those who have visual difficulties, it is not a good option for those who are in a professional level game and need other players not to see the cards they have.

Four-part index

They are available in different sizes, from normal dimensions to jumbo. Also, they can include the Pips in the four extremes, unlike the others that have it at the top left or bottom right.

Cards with two indexes or Peek

They have the normal drawing on the face of the deck and, additionally, they can be seen at each end of the card, ideal for all players, which have as a rule to hide the cards in the game and discover only the tips to check the value.

Back cover style

Drawings on the back of the cards can be very simple, such as repetitive graphics or more elaborate designs, such as photos or more personal representations. This part is not very important, the main thing is to choose a good design for the face of the card.

Among the most popular designs for the back, you can find models with green, red and blue colors, which are distributed by most companies, specialized in the field. This will not confuse the decks and can be changed at the request of the player.


To buy a deck of cards you have to take many details into account, the price of the games can vary a lot, finding some very cheap and others quite expensive. If you want to use them in a daily game, you have to make a good choice, to get a good mallet that provides a lot of durabilities and does not deteriorate.

Another option to buy different colors with different types of cards, to get a custom deck, for a longer duration, they should not be exposed to sun or heat. In case any of the cards are damaged, it is suggested to remove the damaged card, to use the rest of the deck as a substitute in other games.

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