Originated in 18th century, Roulette is considered as today’s oldest classic casino game present in almost all casinos and can now be played in Casino Euro. How? There are a lot of ways. One of which is the European Roulette wherein initially the game consists of 37 number pockets, the first pocket consist of numbers from 1 to 36, with colours alternating between Black and Red and the last pocket contains the 37th number, the number 0 and is coloured with GREEN. You can choose among the different bets: the single number bet, entire column bet, corner bet and split bet. After placing your bet, the dealer spins the ball clockwise, while the wheel goes counter-clockwise. The result will depend on where the ball stops among the 37 pockets of the wheel.

Roulette OnlineFree online gaming is often misunderstood for the fact that real money players or those that play on grounds do not get the essence of playing online casino, thinking that money is of a great impact in playing which is not necessarily involved in playing roulette online. However, the fact that roulette online doesn’t involve money in playing, actually saves the player from jeopardizing cash, thus giving the player the feeling of being involved in a normal yet online roulette game.

The gamble limitations of this roulette range from $1 to even $1000 and by clicking the other fields of the table, you will see the numbers they cover. Previous tasks regarding your preceding bets, current standing, hot and cold numbers are flashed in the left corner. The hot numbers are the most drawn numbers for the last half thousand spins and the cold number refer to the least.

The First Wave of Online Roulettes

The very first casino online was introduced in 1994. And on the same year, the roulette was moved online. More variations of the game were made and its popularity were brought to the demand because of its growing number of market all over the world through online.

Information about the game, payouts bets, and rules are reachable via the question mark which leads to the help page. We at the online roulette, are hoping for you to have a great time and experience while playing this classic casino game online.

Roulette Online Live

Playing the game will give you the chance to try some the other game version. You’ve probably heard about the regular roulette games, the European, French and American, but there are many more than that, like the progressive- and the multi-ball roulette, or the mini roulette. Considering this perks and not to mention, it is free, why not play the game and keep the excitement coming.

 Online Roulette Tips and Tricks

You’re probably thinking that you may know everything about playing the game and that there is nothing to learn from keeping on playing the game. But wait, you can play all the popular versions regularly and play it with your own strategy and techniques. Definitely this can be one of the benefits of playing this free online game.

 Online Roulette Free to Play

As beginner, you can play and enjoy the game online for free. As you enjoy ready, you can actually play the game of gambling, you can sign up and register for a chance to win real cash prizes.

 Online Roulette FAQs

What Terminologies to Remember in Online Roulette?

For additional information, it is beneficial to know the chances of the bet-types that you place, and the payout ratio is essential too. The 9 bets which are considered as standards:

  1. Straight: the bet isplaced onone number, the odds are 36 to 1, and this pays out at a 35 to 1 ratio
  2. Split:the bet is placed on two nearby numbers, the chancesare 17.5 to 1, and the payout rate is 17 to 1
  3. Street: the bet is placed on a street (row) consisting of three numbersand the chancesare 11.33 to 1; this pays out at an11 to 1 ratio
  4. Corner: the bet is placed to the four numbers at the table’s corners, with chances of 8.25to 1, the payout ratio is 8 to 1
  5. Double Street:the bet is placed on two neighbouring rows on or 6 numbers, and the odds are 6to 1 with a payout of 5 to 1 rate
  6. Column: the bet is placed on a full column of twelve numbers. It has good of 2.08to 1 and pays at a fine 2to 1 rat
  7. Dozen: the bet is placed on a set of 12 numbers (1-12; 13-24; 25-36), has a payout out ratio of 2.08to 1 – chances are 2 to 1
  8. Even money bets: these are the bets you place on colours, or you can choose between odd or even numbers, the chances are 1.01 to 1 and the payout is 1 to 1.

 Do roulette betting systems work?

The answer is NO. Basically the betting system doesn’t work for roulette for the very reason that the game is unbeatable. The roulette is a complete unpredictable game; its last outcome is far different from the next spin, which makes it hard to determine what number is most likely to appear next.

How old do I need to be to play roulette online?

The age greatly depends on the terms and conditions of the casino. Most casinos start to allow ages from 18 and the others, from 21.

Can I Play Online Roulette on Mobile?

Yes, all of the casinos we rate and review have fully working mobile versions.

What are the differences between American, European and French roulette?

roulette mobileThe American roulette wheel has a 0 and 00, and a house edge of 5.26, while the European has a 0 house edge of 2.70 and the French roulette consists of only the 0. The only difference between the French and European is that unlike the European variation, French will pay half the bet back to the players if the ball lands on 0, which reduces the house edge to 1.35. More of this is discussed on the roulette game page.

Top Tips

 Understand the odds before you place your bet 

Placing your chip on a single number gives you a small chance of hitting that number with a pretty large payout. With the same chip, you can have multiple numbers on the board, it may be an entire row, a column, or even half the board. The number of chances of winning greatly depends on the number of bets placed on different numbers. Thus, beating the roulette requires you to know more on how the game works on a greater level.

 Try different betting systems, but don’t count on them 

I’m pretty sure that a lot can attest that every betting system is unusual and some players cuss it. Remember that not all roulette betting system works the same at all time. So don’t depend your bet on a certain betting system just because it works well on some players. If you happen to see literature offering tips for playing the game, you’ll find that much of what the betting system offers are useless. Hence, even some of what seems to be credible and believable on a mathematical basis such as Martingale system, are definitely not working when tried to put a roulette method that works in a real setting.

Biased wheels don’t exist online 

It is known that a number of wins are made because of biased wheel which allows some numbers to pop up more than the others. Indeed, the doer is only capable of controlling the ball once it has not been drawn to a certain specific number. Also, some biased wheels might not be perfectly flat, and the result in a certain number occurring more than the other due to its slightly directional tilt.roulette bonus

Hence, while this experiences can still occur, although rarely, in casinos, it’s something that should be taken for granted and should not be anxious with. Online roulette wheels use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin and not by physics. This gives the reality that every revolution and number is perfectly fair and is completely random, making it hard for you to look for some biased tricks, if ever. Still, the way to win the game happens by sticking to a certain disciplined betting pattern.

Discovering Your Roulette Style: A Dance with Chance and Strategy

Roulette? It’s not just a spin of a wheel; it’s a test of instinct, a challenge of wit, and a dance with Lady Luck. What’s your style? Are you the bold risk-taker, the methodical strategist, or something else altogether? Dive in, and let’s find out.

1. Embracing Variations: American, European, French – they’re not just places; they’re variations of a game, each with its unique flavor. Thrill-seeker? Try American. A cautious tactician? European or French might call your name. Know your game, and you’ll find your fit.

2. Crafting Strategies: Ever heard of Martingale or Labouchère? They’re more than fancy words; they’re systems, guides through the chaos of the spinning wheel. But don’t be fooled – in roulette, guarantees are as elusive as a perfectly balanced wheel. Play around, find your method, but never forget: roulette doesn’t bend to predictions.

3. Free Play, Free Mind: Online platforms with free play are like a sandbox for your creativity. No risks, just the pure joy of experimenting. It’s your practice ground, your laboratory – use it.

4. Play Responsibly: Money comes, money goes, but the thrill? That stays. Set your limits, play for the joy, and never forget – the wheel doesn’t owe you anything.

5. Engage with Others: Forums, blogs, chat rooms – all bustling with players sharing wisdom, failures, and laughs. Join in, learn, share, and grow.

6. Mobile Play: A roulette wheel in your pocket? With modern casinos, the game follows you. Don’t wait; take it with you and spin as you go.

7. Bonus Time: Promotions and bonuses aren’t just perks; they’re opportunities. They can stretch your play, boost your chances, and make the game even sweeter.

8. RTP – Know Your Numbers: Numbers matter in roulette, and RTP (Return to Player) is one to know. It’s a peek behind the curtain, a guide to how the game pays over time. Seek higher RTP, and you’ll find more friendly odds.

9. The Experience – Embrace It: Win or lose, roulette is a dance, a game, a thrill. Play it, feel it, love it, and remember – unpredictability is its charm, not its flaw.

In Conclusion: Roulette, in its online avatar, is an evergreen classic, both a game of luck and a challenge to your strategic mind. It invites, tempts, teases, and rewards in ways few other games can. From the novice stepping into the glittering virtual casino to the veteran who knows every bounce of the ball, roulette offers a journey like no other. Grab your virtual chips, place your bets, and let the wheel spin. After all, the best roulette strategy is the one where you embrace the game in all its glory, with wisdom, with caution, with joy, and, most importantly, with a playful heart.